The benefits of dogfood

the Dogfood, although it is relatively new to the market (having gained enough popularity over the last twenty years), is already among the preferred sources of power on the part of the owners of pets. Counting with balanced nutritional properties and practicality as one of its greatest attractions, the feed is present in most homes have pets. However, much still discusses the consequences (good and not so good) to feed animals just with this type of product.

While the homemade food fans argue that certain sources of nutrients cannot be offered through processed foods, the adherents of dogfood advocate benefits for their pets, as they are developed by means of studies carried out over many years and that prioritize the health of animals.

the motives of those who opt for the feed instead of homemade foods range from a more balanced diet and controlled to prevent problems that are more common in animals fed with natural ingredients (including obesity, skin problems, stomach and bone).

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it must be remembered that, in both cases, it is possible to keep your pet healthy and extremely satisfied, and the mixture of feed and homemade food for dogs in the diet of dogs should not be discarded, and may even be the best choice for the animal to get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

in this case it is important that certain precautions are taken, such as do not change abruptly animal diet, which must be changed with the gradual introduction of new foods, avoiding consequences such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Visit the pet to a veterinarian is also a good thing, as it can indicate the best way to maintain or modify the diet of the animal in search of a life fully healthy.

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Light ration for dogs-A healthy option

Food light is not just for people! Nowadays, in the market, there is already available light to feed dogs. But many questions arise about the indication of this type of feed. Is recommended? What are the advantages? Can bring any problem to my dog? Here you will learn more about light food for dogs.

Because the light feed?

the dogs, just as we also suffer from overweight and the health consequences are diverse and dangerous, like diabetes, breathing problems and difficulty walking, so it is necessary to control the weight of your dog, and the light ration for dogs a very interesting alternative.

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whether by genetic predisposition of the race or because of a lack of physical activity and excessive food intake, the dog can acquire more weight than recommended. In case of being overweight, the care that must be taken is in the food, so the feed light is highly recommended.

If your dog is overweight healthy, there’s no point taking him for a walk with you for 12 km, that, in addition to not help you lose weight, will worsen the health of your dog. The animal will develop joint problems by physical effort standing with the body too heavy for the legs. It is necessary to go calmly and slowly.

Care in choosing the feed light

first factor which you should be aware of when you’re choosing a light to feed your dog are the ingredients. The feed should contain L-carnitine, which helps fat burning, for example.

light to feed the dogs is designed to have a low caloric content and ingredients that provide fat burning, to serve as a healthy alternative to help take care of your dog’s weight.

However, the light will have to ration have nutrients needed for a healthy diet, it should be balanced and balanced, so that the dog does not need vitamin supplement.

the intention is to help in weight loss for the dog to stay healthier, don’t deprive him of basic nutrients and further your health.

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warning: this content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialist service. Find a provider near your House.

Supplements for Dogs-how do they work?

there are many questions around the supplements for dogs. How they work, so that they should use and what is the correct one for the problem that the pet has. Food supplements are an extension of health care.

dog supplements are used, generally, when there is any deficiency in dog health, as nutritional problems.  They can help in the replacement of some vitamins, mineral salts and various other elements that the dog needs to have a healthy life and can take advantage of all your good health and energy.

in addition to use in daily revenue, after a search to make sure it really is necessary to use supplements for dogs, it is essential that a consultation with a veterinarian to be shown the best supplement for the breed, size and diet of the dog.

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food supplement for dogs can also be indicated by veterinarians in cases of malnutrition, in recovery after anemia, for females in the months of pregnancy, helping to milk production and increasing the vitamins , carbohydrates, salts needed to form healthy puppies. Can be administered after surgery, helping the animals to recover everything you need to have or acquire in their systems to ever have a perfect health!

just like human athletes, if you are a dog-athlete also needs an additional health to have the energy and strength to the exercises without to lose weight or have any health deficit.

the idea of supplements for dogs is only to increment in their daily diets, it is even more important to consult with a vet to see the best option and quantity. Veterinarians should help with complete information and the perfect choice to solve possible problems of health or even if the idea is to add health to four-legged friend.

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warning: this content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialist service. Find a provider near your House.

Small dogs of company

the dogs belonging to this group of company dogs, were not selected according to their qualities of work, but because of its small size. As a result, this group, just like the big dog of company, is very heterogeneous. Fans of terriers, spaniels, spitz dogs of waters and Greyhound , that for one reason or another may not have older dogs, will find their favorite breeds in dwarf form in this group.

for the terriers enthusiasts there is the Australian terrier, black and cinnamon and Yorkshire, as well as the terriers in Germany: the affenpinscher, the zwergpinscher and the miniature schnauzer. All of them have the true character of a terrier : are vivacious and sharp.

the spaniels enthusiasts have a wide range to choose between the Pekingese, Japanese spaniel, and King Carlos, all of them of very short snout, while, if you like the peculiar shape of the face with the nose very close to the front they may prefer also the Belgian brabanzon and the griffons, although of course these are not spaniels. Those who prefer a more normal snout can choose between the Tibetan spaniel and two varieties of papillon.

for those who like the stpiz and want your dog to be a good guardian, are very indicated the Pomeranian or the schipperke.

light and graceful Italian Greyhound will no doubt interest lovers of greyhounds.

Pequeños perros de compañía

Italian Greyhound

the poodle lovers will find here the poodle dwarf and bichones, closely related . All they said that they are descended from the French barbet’s small size, the old dog’s long curls for aquatic hunting. Small dogs, long hair, mainly white, in the countries around the Mediterranean, of which finally five races originated long before our era appeared: the Maltese, the Bolognese, habanero, curly bichon and lion dog. The collective name for these races is said to you have originated from the diminutive of barbet: barbichón, where bichon.

the dog lovers who like an animal with abundant hair will appreciate the shih tzu and Lhasa apso. Also of long hair, although only with two plumes, one on the skull and another on the tip of the tail, is the elegant Chinese crested dog with its beautifully stained skin. This small nudist is much more attractive than the corresponding most of the former group.

Pequeños perros de compañía

Shih Tzu

of all the races of the world, the chihuahuas, although they tend to differ greatly in size, may be the smallest, which for many people can be a reason to consider them as the most desirable of the dwarf dogs.

, should not look at all these small representatives of our breeds of dogs in a manner that differs from real dogs , and will frustrate you much by not treating them as such. These animals require plenty of exercise and healthy eating as well as their older relatives. It is especially fatal for these tiny creatures to stoke up candy and is of the utmost importance that your happiness is not never sacrificed for the sake of the maintenance of the beautiful exterior. Never it should prevent them from running and jumping with the object that do not damage them his Immaculate or abundant white fur. A life to be just pampered or just to look is not worthy of any dog.

Biscuits for dogs like snack Option

biscuits for dogs are already, for a long time, one of the most used tricks to attract the attention of pets in the most diverse situations. Can be used as a bargaining chip in animal training processes, this kind of snack is loved by puppies, they become obedient and polite on the possibility of a treat edible.

Developed a growing variety by the industry that caters to the thread of pets these days, the biscuits for dogs can also be a powerful tool to improve and maintain health, counting on diverse and beneficial nutrients in their properties, even when.

Homemade Snack Recipes are also famous among the owners of little animals, you can find healthy and tasty formulas for their pets through varied sources of information. To facilitate the life of the owner who opts for home-made food, the market already has with special kits for the task, including accessories and moulds suitable for the production of homemade cookies canines.

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Having the advantage of not relying on any kind of preservatives or antioxidants, the homemade snacks can add good nutrients to the body of pets, offering advantages that go beyond those already offered by the rations. However, with the increasing advancement of research and industry technologies that targets this space, many believe a greater adhesion of dogs to industrial products, highlighting – in addition to healthy properties – aromas and textures extremely attractive to the pets.

Be homemade or industrialized, the puppy snacks can be a great option to nourish, soothe, and even help tame your pet , as long as it’s taken (always) be careful not to overdo it.

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warning: this content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialist service. Find a provider near your House.