Sachets for cats-Food in folder

when it comes to feeding the cats, there are numerous factors to which we should be attentive, maybe the main is the type of feed. There’s dry ration and a moist, as in the case of canned rations and sachets for cats, which is the most indicated?

feed marketed in sachets for cats has pros and cons. First of all, it is worth mentioning what is the ration in sachet for kittens. The pod is a ration more moist, made of the same nutrients of dry ration, but plus a quantity of liquid.

The flavours of the sachet vary and seem to please the palate of the cats. Avoid, however, the sachet of fish flavor, as there are high incidence of allergy in relation to seafood.

the pros and cons of the feed in sachet

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there was much discussion whether the sachet for kittens was harmful or not. Fact is that in sachets ration concentrates more on the sources of animal products, but uses the kids who are a little mash and not recommended. Also one more source of plant nutrients, feeding the cat needs to be balanced.

for being a little saltier than the dry ration, cats seem to like more. The high amount of sodium is not indicated if above 1, 6 g every 100 g of feed, you should be aware of this, because if I go over, your cat will develop renal and urinary problems.

feed sachet for cats has as its main advantage the fact contain liquid, because cats don’t take the daily quantity of water should take, and so easily develop kidney disease.

If you have too much sodium, disregard the option as the only upside of the pouch would be annulled by the sodium.

indicated is mixing the sachet for cats on dry ration , to stimulate the Puss to feed on both, balancing as well, with the dry ration what they lack in sachet. Home cooking can also be incorporated into the feline diet, since made following some care, as you can see in this link.

because they like a lot of the sachet, it is recommended that you give the cat, but not every day and not as the main source of food. Take the pod to your cat as a treat, not as a daily meal. The health and taste of your Kitty thank you.

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Kibble Diet for cats

the cats have a sensitive and good health care part in combating numerous diseases begins in the feed. Diet food for cats is one of care that are available to help the owners of cats.

feed diet for cats is ideal to help feed the cats with diabetes, a disease affects 1 every 400 cats and this number has increased, the cats are prone to developing diabetes.

diabetes in cats

in cats, diabetes type 2, is related to obesity in humans, and with strong dependence to insulin. It’s treatable cats and can be, if properly cared for, until cured. Diet food for cats help significantly in this treatment.

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if not treated, the diabetes in cat can cause weakness of the limbs, poor nutrition, Diabetic Ketoacidosis and dehydration. The symptoms are characteristic and easy observation.

the cats tend to develop diabetes from 7 years, although not rule. Hunger increases up to 3 times or becomes missing, as a result your cat will gain weight quickly or will present a rapid weight loss. They drink more water than usual and urinate more.

diet food for the kittens

diet food for cats should contain very little carbohydrate, because low levels of carbohydrates cause the reduction of the amount of insulin that the cat needs and maintains a low variation in blood sugars.

Dry rations usually have more carbs in comparison with wet rations. The ideal is to mix the two types until the cat to fit with the new, because sudden changes in diet can cause stress and frustration, harmful to the health of the cat.

The feed diet for cats must also introduce low calorie and a greater amount of fiber and protein, like light food, but differs by the attention to the carbohydrate and glucose control.

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How to make scratching posts for your Kitty

there are various types and models of scratching on the market, to make the happiness of any type of cat, but it is not always possible to buy a good early on, along with the cost of all the things your kitten needs when it comes to your new home. So a good alternative is to learn how to make scratching posts for your pet, so he doesn’t decide to trim the garrinhas on your favorite couch while you still can’t buy your toy.

the materials available are the most diverse and unusual, giving a huge range of possible scratching post for your cat. Understanding how to make a scratching you can create multiple templates, which can be hung on the wall or be taken to any corner of the House.

Using a piece of MDF you can create scratching that can be hung on the walls, for those homes with little space, for example. All you need is a piece of carpet stuck in it, which can be of coir, sisal or synthetic fiber.

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Step by step

With some simple and inexpensive materials it is possible to make a scratching

  • piece of MDF
  • -all Glue (super glue or similar)
  • Glue for wood
  • sisal rope

All you need to do to set up your scratching is to glue the sisal rope (or the material that choose) with glue-all, which streamlines the process for dry faster, doing it in the center of the play.

then, using wood glue you continue the process, alternating between the two and making the design grow from the center of your piece to the edges, putting weight on the parts that have already been glued to ensure it will dry.

Cut the tip when finished and let it dry in the Sun, until it is completely dry.

it is important to remember that the more advised are sold in pet shops, as they are tested and manufactured with special materials that are more difficult to break and which do not cause allergies to cats and that we must be very careful when making a alone not to occur accidents with the pet.

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Cat toys-interactive activities

Toys for cats were summarized in a ball of yarn until some time ago, however, the public-facing market owner of pets increasingly elaborate distraction and fun options for pets, making the lives of those who take care of animals and increasing the fun of their own.

With basic instincts of carnivores and hunt, the cats have a lot to benefit from the toys for cats . Through play, the cats can simulate behaviors that would have in an environment of nature, however, not every type of product is indicated without restrictions on cats, and certain products should be offered to animals only when there is supervision of their owners.

scratching posts are a good example of toys that can be used at will by cats, and, in addition to distract and amuse the cat, help to educate you and spend your nails, preventing pet use sofas and curtains (among other furniture of the House) as victims of their claws.

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Small tunnels (which can be made, even with cardboard boxes), are also a good choice for cats to have fun, not to mention products like balls with bells, and wands with toys stuck by a line, which help relieve symptoms of cat stress and can be used without restrictions.

With increasing technology, these days it’s possible to find even apps for tablets specially developed for cats, simulating a hunt the rats through the animal’s paw beat on the screen of the device. The danger, in this case, is restricted to the tablet and not the animal – that can scratch or even bite the product, causing damage to the appliance, but not you.

Remember that toys with small parts (that may be swallowed by the animal) should be avoided, and the activities that include yarn and fabric, paper or aluminum foil balls should always rely on the observation of the owners of cats, avoiding accidents and further complications.

See how it is possible to make scratching posts for cats!

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Hotel for cats-Everything for your feline traveler

A big problem for owners of pets is what to do with them at the time of the trip, especially if it is not possible to take the pet along. It’s not a novelty that there are hotels for dogs, which are more friendly and open to changes than cats. Nevertheless it is possible to find hotel for cats who have a whole infrastructure and special treatment to make the stay of pets as comfortable as if you were at home.

choose a hotel for cats it is important to visit the place, see how the animals are treated there if the place offers everything and the price. In addition, it is important to remember that your cat needs to be comfortable and that needs his things in the hotel, so it is advisable to take along with the Kitty your walks, feed that is used and their favorite toys, so you can be more comfortable during your stay. The same applies to the hotels for dogs.

mainly for cats, that can run, it is important to verify that the hotels have leisure area for the cats and if these are well under siege, after all nobody wants your cat trapped in a habitrail while traveling. There are nowadays hotels that are specialized just for cats, by ensuring special treatment and comfort to them.

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Hotel for cats X Petsitting

for those who never heard petsitting is a Babysitting service for your pet (term originates from English babysitting), where the person is hired for a period of a few hours a day, going home and taking care of your pet , playing, giving feed and water, maintaining hygiene and making sure it’s OK overall. In some cases there is even the possibility of hiring the person to spend the night at the scene taking care of the pet. The advantage of this service is that you don’t have to take your cat in your roteineiro environment, however it is not always possible to verify in these hours the real condition of the pet that spends all day alone, if he’s not stressed or with any health problems, aside from being a stranger to the cat.

the great differential of the hotels is exactly the full-time care, with recreational areas with toys and scratching, single rooms and usually air-conditioned, with veterinarians available to suit any need, to make the cat comfortable and quiet.

To be able to put your cat in a hotel for cats is required to present vaccination portfolio days, medical certificates saying that the cat is healthy and if he has any special need, besides the telephone contact with the owner in the event of an emergency.

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