Clicker for Training-Teaching intelligently

Available in the pet market in different versions of style and size, the clicker for dressage is, today, one of the most widely used and efficient tools for the training of animals. Popular with professional trainers and owners of pets that put into practice the most basic teaching techniques for dogs, the product has proven efficiency in learning process of dogs.

Currently, the clicker for training is used both in educational processes and rules for pets, how to train animals that are preparing to participate in competitions of the canine world, as the Canine Freestyle — which consists of presentations of dogs along to their owners, with dance combinations and tricks.


Used to give instructions and indicate good behaviors with precision, the clicker is fundamental in the process of training many dogs more distracted you, with your help, can receive commands from a simple and practical way.

Although many still choose other products that emit noise to help in the training of dogs, the clicker is still going as the most popular instrument in this respect; Since, with their use, are almost nil the risk of scaring the animals during the dressage or that the hearing be harmed by loud noises.

Know, then, a little more on the operation and the advantages that the clicker for dressage can bring, and understand why this instrument so small and simple can help both in the learning processes of several types of animals.

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what is it and how does the clicker?

made of plastic, the clicker for training is a small, rectangular device with a button that, when activated, produces the sound of a “click”. Who reads this description might find that isolated tool is simple enough to make a difference; However, this product is, today, one of the most used and most efficient for the training and teaching of dogs (and can help in the training of other animals, such as cats and even birds).

used to show the dog a particular factor – which can range from a good behavior to what is the right time to jump or spin in training-the clicker is taken in the process of training as a replacement for the voice who teaches, emitting its characteristic sound each time the wearer presses your button.

it is important to note that the use of this tool is suitable for all kinds of intelligent training and involving rewards, since the main advantage of clicker is indicate specifically what type of behavior the dog is being rewarded – action that gets much more complicated by talks; since hardly a pet owner who is not a professional trainer will be able to have the exact timing to indicate the correct execution of a particular command.

In a training process for a dog learn to sit, for example, the clicker should be triggered when the pet obey the command that was proposed, showing the dog that the click means that he carried out successfully what was asked.

to be attentive to the instant correct in that the animal realized what it was commanded is the most important factor for the use of the clicker to be effective because, if the tool carrier fires after the dog obeyed the command, any effort to teach you can go down the drain.

to exemplify this misunderstanding, we can use the same scenario described earlier, where a person tries to teach a dog to sit. If the command is given and the dog sits, but the clicker is triggered only when the dog is starting to rise, he will understand that the correct is that he stand up, because the sound of the click was heard when he was getting in this position, and not when I was sitting (the right time to push the little button on the device).

through the use of this technique combined with rewards (which may be cuddling or offering a tidbit that the pet like) the dog happens to understand that, to accomplish what was asked, he will hear that little noise characteristic and, when that happens, a hot reward is on the way – encouraging him to assimilate and rules to associate the sound of the clicker training to something positive and pleasurable.

For those who choose snacks as a way to please you, it is important to remember that the yams chosen should be small and easy to eat; Since, to receive more complicated foods to chew, the dog could end up diverting your attention than is proposed in the dressage, hindering the process for very long interruptions.

how to associate the sound of the clicker to a reward?

to make the animal understand the sound of the clicker as the promise of a reward, call his attention at snack time or caress and engage the tool, giving him this then. This should be done repeatedly until the dog can understand and associate what you mean and, from that, he will know that the “click” is something positive, encouraging to hear the noise during the dressage and facing the search for sound as a challenge to be rewarded.


it is important to perform this process – also known by many as the Act of “load the clicker”-the clicks are random and spaced, since the only goal in this activity is to make the dog understand that sound is a synonym for reward. Once this is done, it’s just starting to put into practice the techniques of dressage with the tool, the dog will know how positive is the noise.

When the clicker does not work

In some cases quite rare, dogs can have a terrible fear of any sound weird or a little too high and, in these situations, the clicker can scare the animal rather than help you learn, will get in the way.

it’s always good that the pet owner who showed aversion to investigate the cause of this tool is in accordance with the loud noise produced or sound, because if the first option is correct, just change your clicker for one that make less noise and go on with the training process. In the case of phobias of dogs to the type of sound, the solution is to find another teaching technique for the animal.

the benefits of clicker

the price (which usually ranges between $ 15 and $ 30) below, the clicker for training brings a number of advantages for the wearer. Their sound can reach up to 15 meters away, and this facilitates a lot of training, since it is not always the dog will be very close when obeying a command and, with the unit, you can mark your good behavior from a distance.

to improve and facilitate communication between man and animal, the clicker can also reduce learning time, allowing more commands, rules and tricks are taught to pet canines in a reduced time. In addition, by producing a characteristic and unique sound, the use of the clicker allows the training process is carried out by anyone in the family; action hampered in other types of training, where the voice of the owner (or who applies the teachings) ends up being assimilated as the sole means of encouragement.


another advantage of clicker is that, after some time of use, it can become his own reward of the animal – that is presented to the sound of tool-dispensing snacks and toys for the learning process can be continuous and uninterrupted.

in addition, the use of the clicker as a reward also solves another very common issue among dogs. For being too “greedy”, techniques that involve snacks can cause some dogs lose focus on what they’re doing to see the food in your hand of the owner, standing in the dressage. With the clicker, the dog already knows who will be rewarded somehow later, and that reassures, making search for the sound that indicates a prize instead of Chase pestiscos.

the owners of pets are also benefited by the benefits of clicker and, in addition to having more dogs behaved and obedient, they also learn to deal with the animal in a different way, without using violence or aggression to teach the pet.

very wrong who thinks, to begin the process of teaching of dogs with the clicker, the owner will have to walk with the unit for the rest of his life for the pet obey; Since, by learning a command with clarity, the animal does not need more clicks to execute him, needing just many carts as a way to reward after have you obeyed.

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Tosa in the summer

summer is coming and dog owners with medium or long coats are already beginning to wonder if it’s time to shear the hair, that’s because it’s common sense to believe that the dog needs of tosa in the summer to feel more refreshed.

Although we think that when tosa in the summer we’re helping our dog not to spend so much heat, because the coat gets hot, it’s not how it works. The coat does not act as a clothes for us; more in the winter to warm up, less in the summer to freshen up.

The coat, in fact, help to balance the body temperature of the dog. Serving as a thermal insulator, it prevents the dog lose or receive excess heat. Because I don’t have sweat glands like us to perform the exchange of heat and can make the body cool, use the language. That’s when they, literally, tongue hanging out, not always by tiredness, often is to balance the temperature of the body.


in fact, in some breeds the tosa in the summer it is required but is year-round, not for aesthetic reasons, but for the sake of hygiene and health. The Shih-tzu, Poodle, Cocker, the Lhasa Apso are among the breeds that need tosa not only in summer, but every 45 days, on average. Some breeds can make browsing every three months, can vary greatly. The professional in the pet shop will know indicate which time better to regulate the tosas.

The tip is to leave at least 5 cm length of coat for breeds that may not have the tosa in the summer , you need the coat.

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Can shear the dog at home?

you can cut your hair at home alone, but most of the time this is going to be a bad idea. And why? Because who is not professional, I don’t know exactly how to make a haircut, for that a specialised staff for this function. The same goes for the dog. It’s not just pass the machine on the dog. What if you browse your Chow Chow like a Poodle? Each race has a cut and a professional knows which is which.

a professional pet shop is ready to find out if such a race should be kept or not, or if the tosa in the summer must be made, whether it is better to ofe, tosa intimate regions, belly and other places that pollute more , or whether it is better to tosa baby, which leaves the coat short as the chicks. When in doubt, always consult a professional.

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Canine feelings

much has been discussed about the ability to feel that animals would have. Actually, I always associated with canine feelings the behavioral reactions simply to the environment in which it is, and not something related to emotions as we know it.

However, a neuroscientist at the University of Georgia, called Gregory Berns, after a series of tests using an MRI machine, gave the animals use the same part of the brain to have canines feelings that we humans use to the terms.


Berns noted that in presenting the smell of dog owner, this triggers the same brain area that is activated in humans when showing some sense. Neuroscientists call it functional homology and, if proven with more studies, establish that the ability to feel, the dogs, would be similar to a child’s ability to love.

Dogs breed feelings

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a study by the University of London examined the behavior and reactions of dogs of different breeds when stimulated by emotions of others. Third parties, who were strangers to the dog, they emitted a cry or simulated noise. The result was very interesting: the dogs were approaching those who were crying for lick, in an attempt to comfort; those who already made a noise to cry, the dogs approached.

it proves that the dog does not come by curiosity because of the sound, since the cry also produces a certain sound, but feel empathy for the people who the dog felt they were suffering, regardless of whether the person is known or not. canines feelings of empathy there.

canines feelings

When a new animal in the home, the dog tends to be jealous, but it may be for reasons of territoriality, the dog doesn’t want to share your space. However, the dog doesn’t want to share your own with no one else. A psychologist at the University of Porstmouth, United States us, confirmed that in almost all cases where the owner brings a boyfriend home, the dog, out of jealousy, tries to get rid of that person in the beginning or even putting himself between the two on the couch and on the bed, do you want anyone to come to share with you the attention of the owner.

canines feelings are the sense of Justice, fear and guilt. In an experiment in which the dog do the same to another dog is doing, at the request of the owner, and this doesn’t make snacks, unlike that, the dog will feel being treated differently and tend to not want to be part of it.

the fault, despite being related to fear of beef, is a canine sense. The dog to do something, you feel you did wrong, associates this with the trouble you’re going to win and get to feel the emotions of the owner, will feel that the owner was angry, and so the blame for doing just hits by fear of punishment, so to speak.

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Dog muzzle-Myths and characteristics

there are many popular myths out there that involve the dog snout with the pet’s health, but not always these myths are true.  The snout of a dog is not the indicator of your state of health, are several factors that contribute to indicate that the animal might be sick.

wet, hot, dry, cold, many are the possibilities of a State snout of dog . It can also vary the color, and this brings several other myths about what the color of the dog’s snout. Understand what the muzzle of the dog mean.


does not define the dog’s health by snout

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Normally, the snout of a dog is often damp because dogs sweat through it and through the mouth. This is how the dogs release body heat and balance your body temperature, so always look breathless. The hot air coming out of the muzzle, condenses, turns liquid, and consequently ends up getting colder, therefore feels the muzzle of the dog cold to the touch.

it is important to know that the snout of a dog varies during the day and the time of year. When the weather is too hot, or the dog is not in a place with lots of air circulation, its snout try to stay dry, is a common factor. Dogs tend to wake up with the muzzle drier than usual, and for the lack of moisture, the snout just getting hotter too. The heat of the environment also heats the muzzle of the dog, but that doesn’t mean he’s sick or uncomfortable.

State muzzle the dog enters as one of many factors that may indicate a problem of pet’s health, but the muzzle must be in a specific State. Normally, when the nose is very dry and peeling, can indicate dog breathing problems, he’s not sweating and breathing the right way. With this factor can be observed if the dog is eating right, if you’re tired, lethargic, several other factors. In that case, it’s good Yes look for a professional.

there is the possibility also the dog present snouts swollen and bruised. In this case, it is indicated that the animal is immediately taken to the vet because he may have been bitten by another animal or injured internally. This can obstruct the airway and cause a lot of damage to the health of the animal. Immediate treatment is needed.

the color of snout also sparked controversy

there are breeds such as the pit bull, born with the snout of course more clear and pink. It is a condition of the pigmentation of the skin of the animal. In this case, it’s good to have extra care with solar protection muzzle the dog , because he doesn’t have a lot of pigmentation in the skin of the muzzle, are more prone to suffer from sunburn and rash.

if the dog has the dark snout , he can also suffer from the effects of the Sun can sometimes happen the dog appear with the snout more reddish than usual, and this causes awkwardness and concern in owners. In fact, if the dog is with the nose reddish, is not something normal. Sunburn or exposure to excessive heat can Redden the muzzle of the dog, causing irritation and pain. When that happens, it is indicated that a vet so he can indicate a good remedy to be used and ease the discomfort of the pet.


the dog’s snout is a delicate part of the body

Some owners have doubts about the shower, certain procedures and how to protect the pet’s snout to bathe at home.

the muzzle, ears and eyes of the dog are extremely delicate parts that need extra care at bath time. Firstly it is important to find a hypoallergenic product to pass the puppy’s bath time, not to run the risk of it developing allergies. Later, during the bath, one should seek to keep the ears and eyes of the dog away from any SOAP or water because it can hurt and cause a real irritation.

Some owners let the dog sniff and rub his nose in the SOAP, but that’s not appropriate. The fur around the dog’s mouth can be washed with water, without the danger of the dog ingest the product. The muzzle itself must be kept away from the SOAP, not to run the risk of the bug inspire SOAP and water by accident.

To dry with hair dryer, it is also important the owner keep the air away from the snout of dog , not to dry out and cause discomfort. For the front of the head of the dog dries faster than the body, so it’s not a concern that dry area. Not to mention that it is extremely irritating to the dog get hot or cold wind in the ears or the nose.

it is important to take care of muzzle of dogs and keep it clean, because the pets need him a lot to keep the temperature of your body stable and sweating at the time to have fun with his owner.

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Google Glass for dogs

one of the most varied human technologies adapted to our four-legged pals is the Google Glass for dogs. The team from the Georgia Institute of technology and one of the main figures responsible for the creation of the Google Glass, Thad Starner, are working on this project.

The Google Glass for dogs comes from the concept of wearable tech, i.e. technology which can be worn, used in the body. The project called FIDO in English, Facilitating Interactions for dogs with Jobs, intend to use the Google Glass technology with the goal of allowing dogs to communicate clearly with their owners.

Google technology Glass for dogs will work as follows: the dogs will be able to activate a sensor attached on a leash and this sensor transmits a verbal command to the owner, the command can be received by headset or by a picture sent by the device.

why Google Glass will be adapted to dogs?

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first, the technology Google Glass for dogs was tested on seeing-eye dogs, and was successful as a result, the dogs have learned quickly to activate the sensor. The guide dog helps a person with some kind of disability, in the case of the visually impaired, the technology will be a giant step for the advancement of the inclusion and facilitating the life, because using the device based on Google Glass, the dog can make the sensor send a verbal command to the owner alerting about dangers that the dog is watching where you are going.


Subsequently, the project FIDO wants to use the technology of the Google Glass in working dogs, like the police dogs. The goal is the same shot with the seeing-eye dogs. The rescue dogs, for example, can send an image of the object or person found the rest of the team.

Although, initially, the Google Glass for dogs be developed for professional purposes, in the future the idea want to extend the use of this technology. They expect the dog can tell the owner when he’s hungry or want to go out to pee, for example. Will no longer be necessary to try to interpret the barking.

It is important to stress that the idea is to rely on Google Glass developed for us humans and create this device that will be used in dogs. Google technology Glass is being used as the basis for the project, the Google creating a version of your product to our four-legged friends!

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