Taking care of puppies

when you have a newborn at home is concern for every hour of every day. Sleepless nights and many other consequences of their concern about whether it’s OK with the small. This also applies when it comes to taking care of puppies.

in addition to health care, vaccinations, worming, and if the owner doesn’t have the intention of breeding, castration, take care of puppies has many other relevant items.

once you’ve got your pet in your care, the best thing to do is take him to the vet to see what needs to be done at the beginning and, in addition, the professional can also help you with some tips about care that you can use at home.

Cuidados Filhotes dos Cachorros

education, training and the correct power supply of the puppies must be cared for since the first few months to, over the years, have a dog more behaved, polite and healthy with you and your visitors.

your furniture will thank you if you take your little pet for a walk after all medical care have already been made, buy toys, according to the age of the minor, etc. It’s a good idea to keep them from biting the sofa or the foot of the table.

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If you already have other pets at home, take care of the puppies dogs is very important, to let him have his own place and stay away from others until I have all the vaccinations taken or is still too small. After that puppy and get used to the new environment, they must interact and probably will become great friends.

take care of Dogs Puppies requires free time and attention as if they were a baby, but also give you happy moments and funny, as if he, in one of the first days, end up asleep while eating, after all, Dogs Puppies sleep approximately of 80% of the time in the first few months. They can also whine at the foot of your bed to sleep with you.

so get ready for a lot of work and a lot of fun with the Cubs and surely you will have an experience for your life.

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pets are very desired. If you live alone, with their parents or are forming their own family, the option of having a pet very commonly around plans. They may be the company you do not have or a distraction, entertainment to get you out of the stress of everyday life.

dogs and cats are those that come first to mind when the subject is the pets . The population of dogs in Brazil is more than 37 million and the cats, more than 21 million, but the growth is greater with cats, according to a study done in 2012, people are choosing more howl than barking to talk, I mean, to have as pets.

Each species and each race has special needs, in addition to the basic health, hygiene and the tours with your best canine friend or feline. Each pet has its own personality, so the future owner should also think in detail and all the implications to take care of a pet. For example, the possibility of the dog lead leash until you when you in a moment where you are not willing to walk with him. Or a cat scratch your favorite armchair.

Animais de Estimação

pets become members of the family , soon also require care, education and a good relationship. If you want one, in addition to buying, there is also always a great idea to adopt. There are shelters, people who rescue animals. A quick search allows you to find several options.

the participation of younger family members is nothing new, but it’s already so included in family life that even the four-legged members already have tax-inclusive in their products as animal feed and toys and are responsible for a considerable share in the expenses.

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almost everything that applies to humans also applies to their four-legged companheirinhos, even the fashions and new ways of acting, how sustainable products or aesthetic treatments, your pet can make a run on the treadmill or lessons in the pool for better physical conditioning and also to rehabilitate the locomotion.

These are just some examples. They can also enjoy spa and hotels that accept pets, if you do not want to take your pet for a long trip.

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Giant dog turned fever and everyone wants a

giant Dog, typically, is scary. However, size is not necessarily synonymous with ferocity, and giant-sized dogs can be as (or more) loving and gentle as small dogs. Beloved by many, animals big boys are seen increasingly between the choices of those seeking a new pet friend, but demand more food and paraviverem space with comfort, end up not being first choice for the residents of large urban centers.

With weight that can pass of 100 kg and a life expectancy that revolves around the 10 years, the giant dog is a success in the group that has plenty of room in the House and already have other animals. Having a height that can pass of 80 cm (in some cases, 1 metre), the giant dogs can have different breeds and personalities, including animals of the more docile to the more intimidating – which, in many cases, are used as guard dogs. Breeds like Great Done, Leonberger, Mastiff, Tosa Inu, Irish Wolfhound, Giant Alaskan Malamute, Bernese Mountain dog, Bullmastiff (mixture of the Bulldog with the Mastiff), Irish Wolfhound, Borzoi, great Dane, Dog of the Pyrenees, Greyhound, Saint Bernard, Fila Brasileiro, Kuvasz and Afghanhound are some of the most well-known examples amongst the giant dogs , and factors such as weight, height and agility can be quite different between them.

Cão Gigante

and wide open spaces are the most suitable for giant dogs (photo: reproduction/Ultradownloads) [/caption] by the exaggerated size, these animals require constant motion, open and spacious environments and are the most suited for creating them, although there are races-like the English Mastiff, for example – that, despite huge and even playful, live in an apartment Since the level of behavior and obedience of most of these dogs are giants, as they own, immense. Common diseases in giant dogs among the most common diseases in dogs the joint Giants are the ones that appear. Hip Dysplasia is one of the most common back problems also are frequent along with growth disorders.

the gastric torsion is among the most common abdominal disease among dogs, was known by the movie Marley & I, is a disease that should be treated as an emergency, the treatment is started on an outpatient basis and most of the time it takes the pet surgery. The bone cancer, known as osteosarcoma, is very common also in giant breeds should be treated by an oncologist, intervention is needed as soon as possible to begin chemotherapy and, in many cases, amputation of the limb.

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Elderly dog-dog care grandparents

despite the relatively long life, unfortunately all pet begins to age at some point and, with age, some precautions are necessary for your puppy can become a dog aged relatively healthy and happy until his last moments.

a healthy diet and regular visits to the vet are essential steps for your pet start aging healthy and become a old dog in good shape. This occurs around age 8 or 9 year old dog, nevertheless vary greatly – giant breeds dogs can already be considered 8 years old while mutt can over the 15 years.

As age comes, just like us, dogs show few symptoms of old age coming. They begin to lose interest in what happens around them, they become less active and less enthusiastic.

the same way for old people, it is important to find activities that stimulate them to keep active, of course respecting their limits and their new condition. A active elderly dog is happier than one that passes all day long quiet in a corner.

Cachorro Idoso

A comfortable place for moments of rest is also important. Avoid leaving the walk your dog somewhere very moist or a Sun or wind and especially to stay in a place of easy access to him, since their mobility will reduced over time.

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regular visits to the vet guarantee the well-being of the elderly pet

with advancing age the veterinarian visits are increasingly important. The health of elderly dog has a tendency to be more fragile, resist less to infections and develop old diseases such as cataract, diabetes, fall of teeth for tartar.

To monitor the health of your pet properly, several diseases can be diagnosed and treated early, as kidney problems and heart, that can be handled with a few changes in his power.

it is worth remembering that it’s not because it’s an old dog that he leaves to take vaccines, they are great allies throughout the lifetime of your dog. As well as monitor the weight of the pet, which can end up developing overweight or even obese in this final phase, since it moves less and spend less calories.

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The secrets of Poodle Grooming

browsing the Poodle is very important. Because it is a very hairy dog, needs constant care for the by don’t get tangled and, in the heat, don’t hurt as much. 

some believe it can effect Poodle grooming at home, but this is not recommended by veterinarians. To shear a dog, all of them, not just the Poodle, pet shop workers must take a course. At home, at most we can trim the hair, taking very careful not to pull them, which can hurt the dog’s skin. The pet shops specialize in groomers for dogs and cats, so it is always valid to rely on these services to better health care and appearance of our pets.

the main types of tosas to Poodle

  • Tosa Lion: is the tosa used for dogs that will be exposed. The Poodle is fleeced in the hind limbs to the rib. Are also tosados the nose up and down, the faces, the paws, leaving PomPoms. The tail leaving a Pom-Pom on the tip.
  • baby: Browsing the hairs are cut, are low, but still with good length, as puppies. This helps reduce the browsing by storing, so many are not required for the teeth brushing by be well treated.
  • Summer Browsing When the weather is too hot, the Poodle in a lot of pain with the amount of fur. This browsing is the most suitable for the dog not feel heat. Practically removes all by. Also ideal for the elderly in need of care with wounds and warts.
  • Pompom Tosa used for females, the puppy is fleeced and leave the paws, pom-poms in the syrup and the cowlick. To keep the face of “little lady”.

there are many more types of tosas to Poodle, every day a new trend, a new trend. So stay tuned, search and choose what pleases your taste, make a visit to the pet shop and let your puppy luxurious and beautiful!

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