Management system for clinics and pet shops

to assist the day-to-day of veterinarians and pet owners of establishments in the world, the CachorroGato just launched in your benefits package management system for clinics and pet shops, which promises more agility and practicality in the management of companies. Being the only one on the market that comes accompanied by a showcase online on digital platform (that stands out more than a million hits monthly from guardians of dogs and cats), the package of benefits that has included system can still help entrepreneurs in the business to win and retain customers.

For this, the management system for clinics and pet shops emphasizes the sending of reminders, all baths and even vaccinations to customers, and although it is a fully online tool, the system is lightweight, and does not require a high speed internet is deployed to the establishment to work correctly and efficiently.

Updated in real time, the veterinary management system prevents the information from being lost and is responsive and can be accessed through the tablets or smartphones, if the entrepreneur does not have access to a computer.

In addition to allowing the system stay within reach of who buys at all hours, he also becomes ideal for professionals that Act on an individual basis, as veterinarians that meet the domicile or even pet sitters and dog walkers, who can register and manage your appointments and customers via the mobile phone.

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developed by veterinary professionals experienced and who have already had contact with all other veterinary management systems available on the market, the new tool solves all the major limitations found in the known tools, and also caters to large enterprises such as hospitals, intensive care centers, surgical centers and pet food stores.

The and the organization management of products in stock can also be made by means of the tool, as well as the registration of customers and their pets, including information on race, health conditions and the recent calls or sanitation services provided to the animal.

Veterinary management system in the cloud

Working with great success in the world pet for over a year, the digital platform CachorroGato has just released (for the most recent edition of Pet South America) a veterinary management system in the cloud, offering even more benefits and convenience for anyone who has a Pet Shop with groomers or focused on veterinary medicine.

Now, in addition to being able to count on a showcase at the gate (raising its visibility in front of pet owners who seek their services), the client of the world pet to adopt a plan of CachorroGato also entitled to veterinary management system in the cloud , which streamlines the service and the organization within the establishment.

Developed by experienced practitioners of veterinary medicine, veterinary management system for clinics and pet shops can also be used on segment establishments like hospitals, clinics and even intensive care by professionals working individually in the business, like dog walkers and pet sitters.

By being responsive, the system allows a vet that meets the domicile, for example, can do all the registration and the management of your customers by phone or tablet, offering an unrivalled practicality with the other systems available in the market . Despite being in the cloud and a fully online tool, the management system is pretty light, there is no need to use a high speed internet to work well.

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Enabling management of products in stock to pet shops and the registration of customers and their pets (specifying previous calls, health issues and race, among others), the management system is updated in real time, avoiding the loss of important data for the company and for the monitoring of the health and welfare of the animals.

Along with the benefits cited, the combination merchandising and management system offered by CachorroGato offers great opportunities for achievement and loyalty of customers, since the window is exposed to owners of dogs and cats seeking for specific services closest to your residence (improving online display and digital marketing company), and reminders of the system warn the guardians that it’s time for a new shower tosa, or even vaccination, attracting them to the realization of new procedures gaining customers.

Enabling more practicality and agility in the daily life of those who work or have a pet company, the new management system has been developed taking into consideration a series of limitations present in other management systems of the pet world, relying on the assistance of competent veterinary professionals and they know what it takes to have a good management system in this universe , which becomes ever more and more demanding.

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warning: this content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialist service. Find a provider near your House.

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