Funny dogs-pictures and Fun Videos from the Internet

Who resists the funny dogs? The videos of dogs that are free and mess in curious and funny situations are one of the most played videos on the internet, making them quickly.

funny dogs are present also in canine products, movies about dogs and series also. Talented with his grace and agility gain audiences, which melts of cuteness. This proves how much dogs can be talented and funny even without wanting to.

Many dogs are trained to be funny and charismatic, show others that you’re a natural, others are funny just by its appearance, as the dogs considered “ugly”, but that’s what makes them funny.

Cães engraçados

in daily life the funny dogs make their jokes to get attention from their owners, they roll, do c-face, bite, bark, run, try to bite their tails and sleep in hilarious positions. clumsy dogs are naturally funny, real comedians.

the dog of breed Bull terrier of British singer Lily Allen, has a funny expression and with your strength leads the singer to walk, Lily was desperate when a van hijacked the bitch in London, but was soon recovered to joy. Increasingly the personalities have presented their puppies to the public, making their own pets real celebrities.

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another example is the Isabella, little puppy of Ana Maria Braga, which already has its own fan page on facebook with more than 47000 fans.

no matter the size or breed of dog, everyone can be funny and provide moments of much laughter, what else enchants us funny dogs is that they do it naturally, without wickedness which leaves even more attractive and funny each joke.

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Dogs in Brazil-Brazilian breeds more famous

we have stereotypes of Brazilian football, Carnival, but what about the dogs from Brazil? One of the best known Brazilian breeds is of Brazilian queues, used as guard dogs, which has as part of its origin the history of brazilian colonization, when Europeans brought their dogs and, in a mixture of several other breeds like mastiff, English bulldogs and blood hounds came the fila brasileiro. This was the first breed recognized as brazilian by FCI (Federation International Cinelógica), in 1940 as a genuinely Brazilian dog.

Some other breeds are bull-Brazilian mastiff, bullbras, dogue brasileiro, hound of Brazil, ovelheiro Gaucho, pastor mantiqueira, Tracker Brazilian, Brazilian terrier (known as fox paulistinha), Santa Catarina, national veadeiro, and paulista pampeano. But despite so many known between brazilian society, only three are titled dogs breeds of Brazil recognized internationally: fila brasileiro, Brazilian terrier and Brazilian Tracker.

Cães do Brasil

the Brazilian Tracker was the second internationally recognized breed by the FCI, in 1967, but less than ten years later, it was declared extinct and the recognition was revoked. Child spider, a creator of the race, had already donated some breed puppies before an epidemic put it in, so there are still some trackers Brazilians throughout the corners of the country.

and as well as the Brazilian terrier, also meet by other names like Onceior, Pantanal, American Dog, etc. Its origin is a mixture of several breeds as veadeiro pampeano, American foxhound, blue tick hound, American black and tan coonhound and petit bleu de gascogne are some of the listed creators of this DNA Brazilian dog.

the Brazilian terrier, like more common in the State of São Paulo, was dubbed and is better known as fox paulistinha. This breed comes from the mixture of races as jack russell terrier, fox terrier and parson Russell terrier. Although there is a long time in our land, the Brazilian terrier was recognized with only one of the breeds of dog of Brazil in 1996.

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FCI requires some factors about race before recognition. Details like control or absence of genetic problems and the minimum amount of copies no relation homogênios next.

in addition, the love between Brazilians and dogs leaves us as one of the countries with most pet dogs, are more than 90 million by Brazilian homes, between dogs adopted and purchased. Outside races cited in the text as recognized internationally, there are many others with the same football DNA and Carnival green and yellow out there, but still not recognised by the International Federation of Cinofilía (FCI). A great example of this are stray dogs, which do not have defined race and are sourced from various mixes, but are preferred options of the owners of dogs around here.

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Puppies dogs-what’s not to love a puppy?

If you have dogs at home is a non-stop entertainment, duplicate it when thinking about dogs puppies. Dogs Puppies are an inexhaustible source of joy and energy in your home. There are studies that show that puppies help in the treatment of depression, decreasing medications and improving the quality of life.

Filhotes de cachorros

when you decide to take home a baby, first of all, choose the breed ideal, this includes the famous and also the sweet Mutt. If you have children at home, for example, Dogs Puppies hyperactive are not the best choice. If you spend little time at home, a dog who is more needy and sociable as well will not be the best choice, and that choice will determine a good maintenance of the health of the animal.

Double of love means double of care

of course, much of the behavior of the puppy dog that you adopt will be due to race, but most of that behavior will be based on how the pup will be created by you, as well as the environment in which you live.

one of the major ‘ issues ‘ with puppies at home is the hygiene of the dog. They tend to take a piss anywhere they like them. This is part of that portion of the behavior of the dog that will be educated by you, no matter the breed, the puppy will think your cushion is a toilet cuddly and soft.

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it takes patience to teach them, can take a while, but it’s worth it. Never hit the puppy, click here and see some tips on how to train your puppy. He often won’t even understand, in other cases hit can cause trauma to the puppy and he can pass to eat the poop to hide from the owner, for example. This habit is so common that it was given a name: cropofagia. Excess pressure at this stage of puppy can cause serious problems for the dog when he grows up.

there are products on the market that help to educate your pet doing the needs in a suitable place. There are models with two trays where dog does the peeing and pooping without getting their feet and without stain your floor.

So that the puppy is purchased it must be taken for an appointment with the vet, where the 30 days begins the worming and 45 days will begin vaccination. It is recommended that the cub is started with a ration for puppies, who will be chosen by the size of the dog. Whenever possible, it is good to choose a super-premium ration, she should be offered to the puppy into adulthood, click here to find out when your dog reaches adulthood.

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Dogs for sale-Tips About Races and Pedigree to Buy

Today there are thousands of creators, some specialize in specific breeds and others who have several breeds to offer future owners interested. With the creators, it is possible to find the most common breeds like Poodle, Yorkshire, Labrador, Maltese and so many others, even more different breeds and not so common to find around like French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Newfoundland.

Cães à venda

for a given size, or more specific breed behavior, these creators may be your answer. Often the dog right for you is among the lesser-known races and just looking for a breeder of dogs you can have access to them. They have many dogs for sale , surely you will find your soul-mate canina.

in addition, when you purchase with a creator, the origin, the family and the pedigree dog, very important information and should be requested to the creator or whoever is selling you the dog. They are the guarantee that the puppy that you are buying is even of the race that you sought.

To the market already is preparing for these “new” dog breeds for sale , with the diversity of breeds increasing. Each race has its features, obviously, but it also involves the skin care and feeding. There are separate rations not only by age, not only by the size or weight, but also by race.

as well as with the rations, we must be careful of the shampoo for every type of dog. Some dogs need more care, baths and specific shampoos than others who cannot take both bath to prevent irritation and skin diseases, for example.

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If you already know the breed you want, just search for a creator responsible, take care, take care of your dogs and puppies for sale , that act correctly not only with the buyer, but with dogs that creates. Animal welfare and the care of the puppies have to be in first place.

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Puppy fair-find your pet

there’s nothing better than going to a Cubs. Are these fairs where you can adopt, buy, choose exactly the chick who wants to and can better inform about the General needs that your baby may have in the first few months. If vaccines have been wormed, their origin, race and if the animals are castrated, etc. It’s a great chance to get in touch with NGOs and farmers and get all your questions.

Are diverse the Cubs fairs spread to every city and every State of Brazil. You can inform yourself about the puppy shows over the internet or in petshops in your city. The creators also have websites where you can view pictures of the pups and races and family of the puppies sold.

Feira de filhotes

some NGOs already deliver animals with vaccines, wormed and neutered, the owner just needs to maintain the care of your chosen when taking him home. If this is not your case, it is important to vaccinate, vermifugue and neuter your pet. Before any purchase or adoption, make sure that the animals are healthy and well cared for.

there are sales fairs and adoption of puppies that happen every weekend, or you can browse the website of NGOs or of the creator to inform when will be the next, so also has more time to search about his future best friend, if you want a dog or a cat dog breed , etc.

So if notify, search, think about whether you have the necessary conditions for all care, research on breeds to see which fits more with your profile or of the people who will live with the cat or the dog and search about the creator and the source to make the best choice, there’s no shortage of options and there’s always a Carnival around!

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it is important to know that most of the fairs, before the adoption, is made an interview with the future owner of the animals to make a good screening and trying to prevent the animals go to owners who will not create the pet properly. This is one of the most important actions to encourage responsible ownership of animals.

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