Hotels for traveling Cats

The hotels for cats are found with more and more ease and diversity by the main capitals of the Country, showing that the market for projects directed to the pet world should grow up so soon. Rare not long ago, this kind of hosting for animals now has a variety of options, enabling the most diverse types of owner and pets find their second ideal home.

taken as a good thing for owners who need to leave or even animals have days of rest or pleasure out of the common environment, the cats hotels offer from single-with beds and special gear for the cats-up spaces for socialization of animals, who bet in toys and in broad areas for a smooth adaptation of coexistence between pets.

most of the hotels are intended to host dogs rely on specific areas for cats, and the services of also grow daycare in preference to owners who seek something more sporadic and shorter period, working as a day care for cats .

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To ensure the safety of pets during the holidays, a large portion of establishments that perform this service admit only animals that are up to date with all health issues and have been neutered, vaccinated and wormed. Avoiding the entry of aggressive or cats with contagious diseases, the hotels also check if your pets are properly trimmed.

In some cases, the hotels for cats take care to apply a flea medication when the animal does its “ check-in “, and in some establishments the entry is allowed only in the case of the animal making the product application at least three days before your admission.

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Woman with Cat-perfect Alliance

That the dog is man’s best friend already know, but the cat may be the best friend of the woman. The relationship of woman with cat is the most passionate.

woman with cat is erroneously broadcast as a spinster woman image, no love life. The truth is that the woman has a kitten in the House has plenty of love!

cats are victims of contempt and fear of many men. It’s hard to hear anyone conceding hate dogs, but it’s common to hear people say hate cat. This hatred must, generally, the claims that the cat is an animal selfish.

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But that’s not the vision of women with pets . The woman tends to be the kind of owner that cats prefer, this does not mean, obviously, that men don’t like cats and vice versa, a generalization.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Vienna, published in the journal Behavioural Processes , points out that the cats are preferred and easier to initiate physical contact with women. And the facility is mutual.

the relationship of the woman with the cat in the literature

there is a story in the style of Fables, the writer Rudyard Kipling, named The Cat that Walked by Himself (the cat that walked on its own) that translates well to the woman’s relationship with the cat.

in the story the animals were free, but one by one they were exchanging their freedom for a benefit given by humans. The horse and the dog worked for the man while cow and cat joined the woman.

However, the cat made a secret deal with the woman without the man know. He didn’t gave up their freedom, to entertain and calm the children, as well as eliminate the rats, so feared by women. The partnership between and feline woman was made.

However, not to cede their freedom and independence had a price to pay: 3 every 5 men would hate the cat and he would be chased by the dog.

the woman and the cat as a symbol of femininity

Historically, the cat has always been associated with the image of women. The Egyptian deity Bast, in an era in which the cats were worshipped, is portrayed as a goddess half woman and half cat. Out of curiosity, the Ánubis god was depicted as half man and half dog. Learn more about this story by clicking here.

the cats have already been associated with the witches, ever. Were seen as partners of women who practiced black magic and thrown on bonfires with their ladies. In fact, they were companions, but women in General.

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Lonely cat-Myths and truths

Cats often pass the image of solitary animals and, sometimes, they prefer to be alone to have to interact with any animal or person. But cats are independent animals and need their privacy too and cherish so. A lone cat, however, can also enjoy the company.

often a lonely cat doesn’t like to share its territory with others, even if the others are cats. Even one more cat owners think one will help the other one to be less selfish, but even that living together, need their independence. And if the various cats are forced by a situation to do something together or split a utensil of home, whether even the litter box, you may see a conflict between the animals. Indeed, this is one of the reasons that lead veterinarians to indicate one or more litter box for each cat in the House.

despite all this nature more independent and often interpreted as lonely cats don’t get them the need for a little warmth, care, attention and affection. If the owner doesn’t spend a lot of time at home and think it’s better to have a cat because he is more independent than a dog, one can think about having two cats instead of one.

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even if the cat can entertain with the owner, but don’t spend a lot of time with him, have another cat is the way not to leave the cat alone and give the animal someone to play and that the “understand” better and easier.

The cats do not need to become best friends, but it’s always good to have another of the same species around, helps to ward off a little solitude of them if you stay home alone. Many veterinarians suggest that, if you want to have a cat, has two for one company to the other.

When alone, the two kittens can have more physical activity, entertainment and fellowship with each other. And with all this energy, end up decreasing the stress and the chances of ruining the furniture or have fun with humans can be too aggressive.

the cats at the time young-adult, up to 24 months of age are the most in need of a friend of the same species. If the cat is alone, especially at this time, he ends up getting more depressed, becoming the lonely cat that the owner can imagine and can leave your immune system weaker, leaving an environment easier for diseases.

All depends on the behavior and temperament of the cat, it can accept a new mate even when older, but there is also his chance if close to the new friendship and prefer to be alone. Or it can accept without any major problems. So if you’ve had a cat (a) and want to increase the feline family, it’s better to do it gradually.

and if you already have a lone cat and want to try to introduce a new cat, don’t forget to go to the vet to see how the new cat’s health and, if needed, medicate him before taking him to meet Kitty who already inhabit your House.

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Tame Cats-is it possible?

For just pay attention on what matters to them and even then for a short time, there is people who say that you cannot tame cats, which is not true. One must understand that cats just watch in a routine for about five minutes, so there’s no point trying to train your cat for hours it just will get tired.

process tame cats ends up closer to the owner of the cat itself and is an apprenticeship for both, where the owner understands better the cat and this learn what the owner likes and you can get some reward that. Remember that cats are independent and will only accept the training to understand that your good behavior can get what they want, whether caring or snacks.

as well as with the dogs, you have to reward the cat every time he pays attention and do what the owner wants. To this should be used simple commands, like “sit” and “shake” and convince him that will always be a beneficial exchange, so he will acquire the habit of obeying-as long as I don’t have anything to call his attention to the command, there’s no point in sending the cat to sit if he had any stuck in vista.

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A good time to start the dressage feline is around 2 hours before meals, so you can use snacks to attract his attention and the Kitty will understand that if you do what you ask will earn a reward , until it becomes routine for him to obey certain commands. Don’t forget when you go pet your cat to always praise him and reward when he does the right thing, giving and petting in addition to snacks.

ensuring that cat’s attention is totally focused on you and at your command – and avoiding unnecessary repetitions while he’s distracted – you can increase the membership of the command with the reward. Anyway, how much faster is this reward, more associated will be with the command that he just perform, making learning much quicker and enjoyable for both parties.

in this way is it possible to tame the cat to sit, enter the shipping box, give paw, come when called and even meow when you want, in addition to more basic behaviors as not climb on tables or steal food from the plates.

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Training techniques for cats

the training for cats and dogs, is of extreme importance to the owners of pets can have more peace of mind about their pets. With increasingly varied techniques and facilitated, the teaching and the training of cats becomes closer with pets as part of the family, ensuring less concern to owners and more obedience on the part of animals.

The use of snacks for cats in the process of training for cats is quite common, and positive reinforcement should never be left out of this type of training. Reward your kitten with toys can also be a good option, since cats (as opposed to animals such as dogs) are extremely independent and not always consider food as the best way of liking.

Among the first and most important teachings to pass the process of tame the cat the Act of making the needs in the correct place. Place the cones in front of his sand box soon after meals is a good thing to teach you and how they learn quickly that kind of behavior, hardly forget what has already been explained.

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Hygienic by nature, cats tend to avoid dirty locations, therefore, it is essential that the feline sand box is always clean, avoiding it to look different places to do your needs.

Teach the word “no” to the cats and make it respond to called their names are also important tasks and not too complicated in the process of training for cats. Repeating the word “no” in circumstances where the animal does something wrong or out of the standard, it’s easy to make him take what is expected, and to teach you how to recognize its name, commands of the simplest to the most complicated start to be understood more easily.

Through basic and simple actions such as those described above, it is possible to get your pet has a more appropriate and polite behavior, remembering always to reward him by hits during the dressage (with your snacks or favorite toys) and never use of aggression in an attempt to educate you more quickly.

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