Articles for dogs-safety, fun, and more

articles for dogs can be found in droves these days, in which the world’s pet market grows with great strides, as well as the amount of new owners of pets. Providing products of various models and versions, the industry that operates in animal bet on safety items, production control, hygiene, entertainment and comfort for pets, helping to maintain the quality of life of the canines of all sizes.

In addition, the area of luxury and fashion also increasingly developed on the issue of articles for dogs , allowing, in addition to healthy, dogs can be elegant. And it’s not just the new luxury stands out in the animal world, since, currently, almost any basic care item, security and even dog food can be found in luxury versions.

Taking into account the fact that there are a myriad of articles for dogs that are absolutely necessary for their well-being, who are planning to buy or adopt a pet canine pets must think cautious – given that the life expectancy of dogs is around 12 years and, during this period, a series of products and special care may not be missing in the life of the animal. This explains why many pet owners compare the entry of a new four-legged buddy in the family with the birth of a child, the attention and care – as well as the spending-are constants.


Between collars, guides, muzzles, hangmen, brushes, toys, bones, feed, snacks, beds, clothes, House, and many other items to deal with dogs, pet owners pay an increasing amount to offer the complete package articles for dogs ; not to mention the variety of services that are also necessary to maintain the health of animals, such as baths, tosas and veterinary consultations, among others.

Heated, the pet market (which grossed more than $ 14 billion only in 2012) follows betting on difference of consumer profiles to attract and sell more and more proof of this is that, today, the popularity of pet products is so large that even the stores of other threads already have sections entirely dedicated to pets, allowing the acquisition of a number of products for dogs and cats without the need to visit pet shops.

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see below some of the articles for dogs more common and of greatest need in the lives of these four-legged buddies, available in various versions in pet shops and animal market-focused stores across the country.

control and safety Articles for dogs

among the articles for dogs that allow greater control of the owner about your pet, dog collars and guides are some of the most important and necessary. Used to prevent leakage, accidents and dog attacks (people or other animals), these items are also of great help to the training process efficiency – facilitating the learning of animals by means of a control and command.

Produced in different models – including the chest, vest types, traditional and electronic – dog collars are among the items of more variations on the market, allowing every owner find the ideal item and that most adapts to your pet. The Hangman is another article that brings in a lot of control and can be of great help in the training of dogs, and must be used carefully so that the animal does not get hurt (preferably under the supervision of a professional).

Dog tags also enter the security group of animals, as well as the michochips which, although they are more new and differentiated, fell on the taste of the owners very attentive. In addition, articles like muzzles are part of the package of safety items for dogs more anxious and, in some cases, aggressive. Preventing bites and the advancement of dogs, this accessory is essential to avoid accidents with the dog in unknown environments – where the stress level tends to be greater.

Having its use required by law (in some States) for dogs of breeds considered most dangerous in public places – like the pit bulls – muzzle can be found in two versions. The first, called the muzzle, allows the dog has a certain mobility and can even feed while using the accessory; While the version of containment is used only in specific cases and that have a greater chance of triggering aggressive reactions in dogs-how when there is the need of the administration of injections, for example-and prevent the dog.


Homes for dogs

although not all pet owners consider necessary the existence of a specific House for your pet, dogs can be greatly benefited by having an own corner within the home – because, in it, the animal may have moments of relaxation and still hide in fear and stress situations : factors that contribute to your well-being.

With that in mind, many enterprises in the world have dedicated pet through to production of homes for dogs , giving owners a wide range of size options, style and material to make your decision. Wood, plastic and cement are the main materials used for the construction of housing, canine and it is not difficult to find the ideal model for your pet.

For owners more “original”, there is the option of hiring the service of planning and construction of booths for dogs exclusive; and even the owners of pets who want to construitruir a House for it, it can find special kits on the market.

pet Fashion and luxury canine

the wave of Brazilian and international personalities – that, over the last decade, bombarded the internet and red carpets with pictures of their puppies fashionistas-the pet market has increasingly articles of fashion and luxury for dogs and, today, you can find all kinds of model , material and style when it comes to fashion items for dogs.

Simple, traditional clothes, sports, costumes, panties decorated, prints and fabrics, decorated pieces and wedding gowns for dogs are part of this thread, besides the fashion sense, also prioritizes the luxury. Even the dog collars – used for the security, identification and control of pets – can be found in luxury versions, for fans of expensive treats, even collars with jewels and diamonds can be purchased.


Taking advantage of the custom that has been created from the popularization of small dog owners to bring their pets into the bags, the pet market (besides the fashion market itself) have already bet on special models of bags and handbags to transport animals during tours, and international brands and renowned have arrived to produce lines of products for pets .

Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Juicy Couture are some of which entered the wave and depend on the support of owners of pets, many other special collections of clothes and accessories for dogs should still paint around.

fun and treats for dogs

fun and entertainment category is, without a doubt, that counts with the most products and the greatest variety within the pet market; offering articles for dogs ranging from the traditional to the most modern, functional and up-to-date. Offering dog toys of all kinds that vary in color, size, shape, model, pattern, material, style, function and even sound, the available items for the entertainment of dogs grow in number every day – ensuring the rest of owners who, for sure, will find something to entertain and amuse your pet.

Balls, stuffed animals, ropes, padfoot, rubber rings, frisbees, dolls, biters and interactive games fill the pet shops and almost all locations that have some kind of product for dogs, attracting the owners (and their pets) through fun, unusual formats and other species – including, even, articles in the form of food, bones and animals like octopuses , ducks, frogs, and sheep.

snacks, treats and bones also enter articles of greater satisfaction of dogs and, as well as toys, can also be found in any location that has products for animals – being used to reward good behavior as puppies to amuse your day with a MIME.

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Small dog-everything you need to know

you can have a pet, even living in small places, like an apartment or a House with no yard. A small dog is the most suitable for these environments and adapts better to small spaces.

Let’s see later that a small dog represents many advantages, but it also requires special care ranging from heart care to brush your teeth more often.


Top 5 breeds of small dogs

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Are sociable, polite and behaved. Enjoy fun and develop a strong bond as its owners, because of this, may be a little jealous when ignored. Are compact and weighs less than 9 pounds.

learn more about the breed Pug

4-English Bulldog


Coexist well with other animals and love kids. Are docile, loyal, do not require much exercise and therefore adapt well to small spaces.

learn more about the English Bulldog breed



Has a peaceful character that combines with the face of them. Are a great companion for the elderly because they may be spending a lot of time at home, lying down or sleeping. Are sociable and although they don’t much like physical exercise, nature and open environments.

learn more about the Maltese breed

2-Shih Tzu


are great guys and they check everything: hours resting in your favorite place, regular walks. They are always around and love a cuddle on the part of their owners.

learn more about the breed Shih Tzu



small dog most famous of all. Do not lose by and doesn’t smell bad. Some frequent physical exercise helps to maintain the health of these adorable companions.

learn more about the Poodle breed medium, Toy Poodle and Dwarf Poodle

benefits of a small dog

A small puppy, besides cute, brings some advantages for its owner. Most of them, obviously, are because of its more compact size, but other covering topics such as kindness and acceptance of pet in different places.

  1. is easier to take you everywhere . In a walk in the Mall, for example, is better received than the big dogs, being less threatening.
  1. are easy to embrace . Kids, especially, love this kind of animal because they are easier to carry, care for and embrace. The small dog conveys more kindness and safety for children.
  1. walk . Despite the mini size, this type of dog is quite electric and is all the time moving through the House. Because of this, does not require long hikes to keep exercising.

special care for dogs of small sizes

the dogs of small sizes, like all pets need dedication and affection. In addition to the basic care like feeding, bathing, veterinarian monitoring, a small dog needs special attention with the nails, mouth, heart and temperature changes.

generally, these pets live in urban areas and spend most of their time locked inside, wander, and maintained little contact with other animals. These factors encourage the growth of the nails of the dogs, since they don’t have to scrape the nails. One solution is to provide toys that let the dog wear the nails (as a pillow), walks in parks or streets paved.

the cutting of nails in the small puppies will be more frequent, so stay tuned to their growth. Long nails bring difficulties to the dog walk and could end up scratching the owner accidentally.

another point that deserves special attention is the mouth. The teeth of animals also need attention as cleaning, brushing and cleaning complete. Some studies indicate that the small dogs have the most delicate teeth and suffer from a further deterioration of the teeth, so it is important to make a oral control frequently and brushing their teeth at least 3 times a week.

by the dogs serve as a thermal insulation both in summer and winter. However, some breeds don’t have this natural protection or are not sufficient to protect the pet.

in these cases, the heat does it take to leave the body and, therefore, hypothermia is common, especially in dogs with less than 2 pounds. The Yorkshire, for example, is very sensitive to cold, and a way to protect the small dogs is thermal booties for them. In addition to beautiful, they protect the dog of strong temperature changes.

one last special attention with these wee ones is with their hearts. On average, 60% of miniature dogs suffer from a heart condition and usually starts after 10 years.

the preventive Check with the vet and observe the behavior of the dog on the day to day help prevent heart problems.

A tip: If a pet starts barking much of 1 hour to another, it may indicate a problem in the heart. Stay tuned!

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Types of dog phobia and ways to treat them

just like us humans, dogs also has certain fears of specific situations. The phobia is when this fear becomes exaggerated.  Have you ever heard of a dog phobia? Because canine phobia exists and is not as rare as might be thought, much less freshness of owner.

dog phobia can be treated and there are some various phobias and every dog can react differently to the phobia. The vast majority of phobias is growing dog and usually cease when the cause disappears, but it’s not a general rule.

noise Phobia

the dogs may have a phobia of sounds and is, in fact, quite common. Who has never seen a dog to react to the sounds of fireworks? Or thunder? This dog phobia is the most common. Some dogs are shaking, drooling and run for cover. This happens due to the instinct of preservation, the loud noise and unknown means danger and he will try to escape from this danger.

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Although there are owners who believe their dogs respond to these sounds by having a sensitive hearing, in reality it is a canine phobia. They don’t run just because the sound of Thunder hurt your hearing, but because they associate the noise to a situation of danger.

To prevent the dog develop this dog phobia in relation to noise , it is recommended that the period of growth, from two months old, you expose your pup to these noises to used to it. Does not mean putting the dog alongside Fireworks bursting, but keep it, distract him with tidbits and jokes, so that the sound in the background is not associated with a traumatic experience.

Phobia to people

in the same way as happens with the phobia to the sounds, the dog that is not socialized, that is, exposed, in this case the people, can develop excessive fear of strangers or even people, such as the vet. This is the reason General of dog phobia: associate the situation with a negative situation.

To prevent this, allow the dog from puppy to interact with people, emphasizing also the living with children, because the adult dog may present fear when placed in an environment with a child if it has not been used since a pup. In the case of the veterinarian, the majority gives snacks to break the ice and the dog not to be afraid.

a phobia of animals

the phobia in relation to other animals is also common. You cannot cause the dog to interact with several animals from a pup, but try as much as you can, even with only cats. The dog needs to realize that animals that are not of their kind are not exactly threats. Learn tips on how to socialize dogs on this link. 

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Hypoallergenic dog food-what’s your function and how to use

Cats may exhibit respiratory allergy, allergy caused by contact with a substance that does not tolerate, in addition to flea allergy, drug allergy, but is there an allergy a little more unusual, but we need to be vigilant: allergy due to the power supply. To resolve this problem a hypoallergenic food.

The rash caused by feeding the Kitty receives is not as common, reaching about 10% of cats, a percentage of only 5% of allergies that most affect the cats. Although it may seem that the chances of your cat have allergies because of food are minimal, it can happen in a simple exchange of ration. To avoid this problem, the hypo ration.

The hypoallergenic dog food has a restriction in the supply of protein, each specific to the protein that the cat has developed allergies. As normal rations have all proteins common to the feline diet, the diet based on feed that decreases the cause of allergy is the best solution.

feed hypoallergenic cat and has almost non-existent and dye additives, also exists in the version in which you select the one causing protein allergy and if you delete this, or even in reducing the protein so that it does not have as much allergic capacity.

diagnosis and treatment

find out all about dogs and cats with our special tips to create your pet.

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feed hypoallergenic is used not only as a way to treat the cat allergy to a particular protein, but also with a tool that helps you diagnose what is causing the protein allergy in your Kitty.


The food allergy can cause excessive itching on the skin irritation, vomiting and diarrhea. The ingredients that are in common rations and that most commonly cause allergy in cats are corn, soybean and animal products, such as cheese, meat, egg, fish and chicken.

What happens when you choose a hypoallergenic dog food for felines is that, among the various options in this feed, you’ll find one that does not contain the protein which your cat is allergic, but that has a protein from the same source to replace it. In the case of cat allergy to beef, there are hypoallergenic rations on the market that provide the meat protein, but rather than being of bovine origin, can be rabbit meat, for example. So your cat keeps getting the protein you need to stay healthy without suffering with allergies. Remember, always, to consult a veterinarian to sign any allergic symptom observed in her puss.

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Ear hygiene of Dogs-how to do?

as well as the ofe and the brushing of teeth, hygiene of the ear of dogs should be an item of constant attention to the owners of pets. Preventing a number of common diseases related to dog ear health, clean the area of the animal’s ears can be something complicated to perform – considering that some dogs tend to get pretty agitated and anxious when someone tries to move in that region.

Although it is a delicate task, the ear hygiene of dogs can never be left aside for who want to ensure the exemption; that can cause complications such as ear infections, scabies, infections by foreign objects and even hereditary-origin diseases that can cause severe inflammation, such as Dermatomyositis.

Dogs with larger ears, drooping or longer and full of at need attention in this respect, since, the greater the size and coat the area, the greater the accumulation of dirt and moisture, therefore, the chance of developing a problem headset – which can trigger from a simple stink until serious diseases and which require specific treatment.


very sensitive, the heard of dogs should be treated very carefully by pet owners who wish to do cleaning at home and, as in the case of humans, any type of gear used for cleaning (such as swabs) must enter the animal’s ear, because this action may trigger other problems related to pet’s ear including difficulty to hear, a lot of pain and even perforation of the eardrum.

Currently, the market of products for pets already has a number of lotions and specific formulas for cleaning the ears of dogs, and is indicated to the owners who want to do the cleaning of the region on their own to acquire these specific solutions; because the misuse of any product may end up bringing more harm than benefits for the health of your pet headset.

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and must be carried out once every two weeks, the hygiene of the ears of dogs can also be made into pet shops who have groomers services; avoiding a larger work for their owners. However, it is valid for all pet owners know how to clean the ears of your pet accordingly; Since the frequency with which the region must be followed whenever there is need, and there isn’t always the possibility to rely on the services of a professional.

Meet, in this article, some important tips and practices to make the cleaning of the ear of your dog, and know what kind of problems and diseases can be prevented through frequent and proper cleaning of the region.

how to make dog ear hygiene

As mentioned earlier, the pet market already has a huge variety of products suitable for the cleaning the ears of dogs and, therefore, it is recommended that one of them is acquired to facilitate the process, always consult a veterinarian for a better indication. Before starting to clean the ears of your dog, it is important to gather all the necessary products and tools for action, so that you can complete the process all at once-as, hardly, the pet will have the calm necessary for the cleaning to be carried out by parties.

Although many still do, mistakenly, the use of cotton swabs, alcohol and ether to sanitize the area, the most indicated that it used a particular product (such as a ceruminolítico, which is the removal of Cerumen) and a cotton ball in the cleaning process-since swabs may cause accidents when who performs the process does not have a lot of practice.

To start, make sure your pet is with a peaceful and friendly mood, well, clean your ears will be much more difficult if the dog is on a day of more stress. Once this is done, put the dog in your lap, ensuring that the animal’s head stay securely on your leg and bend your ear up, leaving it open so you can see the animal auditory .

make a ball with cotton-or, if you prefer, wrap it around your finger-and soak it in specific solution for cleaning the area. No break in cotton or finger in the ear canal of the dog, clean the region delicately remove as much wax and dirt accumulated.


remember that the cleaning should be done only at the visible and reachable from the dog’s ear, and you should never force the entry of any type of object (especially if it’s sharp) in the flue, as this may cause problems in the region and to the perforation of the eardrum.

In some cases, it is recommended that one or two drops of product (which must be specifically directed to cleaning dog ears) are dripped into the ear canal of the pet (and that your ear is lightly massaged after this application), guaranteeing a deep cleaning and effective.

the outside of the ears also deserves attention, and must be carefully cleaned with a ceruminolítico product after ear hygiene. This part of the process tends to be a lot easier to perform when compared to the internal cleansing of the region by a cotton soaked in the correct product to be passed smoothly by the dog’s ear, that must be folded for most of the dirt in the area be withdrawn.

the amount of times that this process should be repeated within one month, for example, will vary according to the type of ear that your pet has and if you are undergoing treatment, but in general the nominated is every two weeks. For the dogs floppy ears or too hairy, can be recommended that cleaning be done at a higher frequency; While the dogs of smaller ears and without a great coat can stay away from ear infections with a cleaning every two weeks.

it is important that the owner of the pet is prepared for different reactions to begin the task of cleaning because, in some cases, dogs can become somewhat aggressive. Therefore, in cases where the owner already expects negative behavior of your pet, it is good that there are more people to monitor the process, and may help to hold and keep quiet the animal at the time of cleaning. Reward your pet after cleaning is also very important, reinforcing the good behavior of the animal and facilitating the process in the next few occasions when he has to be carried out; in some situations it is indicated the use of muzzle.


dog ear problems

as we have said previously, the dog ear cleaning is very important to keep your pet away from various diseases and infections that can be very harmful, and canine otitis is a great example of an inflammation that can be prevented through the constant cleaning of the ears of dogs.

as the most common complication to appear in the dogs ear, otitis media, in addition to causing unbearable itch in the ear of the animal, can leave them quite aggressive and without appetite, according to the pains that the pet feel because of inflammation. And, in more severe cases, take the dog to deafness and even behavioral changes similar to neurological changes (such as walking aside), the disease can reach levels where the only solution consists of surgical procedures and, therefore, you need to keep an eye to notice any signs of complication.

identify the presence of any ear problem in dogs is not very difficult, and the owners very attentive will notice quickly some typical symptoms. Among the main signs that something is wrong with the ear of his buddy, we can mention: reddish ears and with a thickness thicker than usual; constant itching in the region (causing the dog arrives to drag your ear to the ground); greater accumulation of dirt in the ears; and yellowish and smelly secretions.

To identify any of these symptoms in your pet, the scheduling of a consultation with a veterinary doctor makes it extremely necessary; Since, in addition to otitis media, there are several other diseases and serious inflammations that can develop in the ears of dogs, and only a professional may examine the animal and set a precise diagnosis, as well as indicate the best form of treatment.

it is worth remembering that almost 100% of the complications with dogs becomes much easier when the disease is identified in its beginning and, so, visit a veterinarian is crucial for the bem-eStar of your pet is recovered in the shortest time possible.

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